Ezra Ministries of Tanzania is an organization with the mission to improve and boost training, physical care, and spiritual services for our community. Our training Institute is a vehicle through which the local and external assistance and active community participation is used to provide assistance in the areas of education, healthcare, and the environment. The services offered are available to all individuals, without discrimination, and are almost free of charge.

Our Vision

To develop and initiate activities geared at promoting literacy, health, income generation, and self-employment within the community. In an effort to achieve community objectives in providing basic social services, particularly the provision of education and health care, EMT in collaboration with its donors, non-governmental organizations (NGO), and its development partners will be able to provide education and training.

Our Mission

It is evident that as we enter the 21st century, a large sector of our population, particularly African youths and out of school children, will be left behind since they are not exposed to important knowledge and skills they need. These skills are necessary to effectively enable them to contribute to the development of their community and to the nation. We are promoting and coordinating the movement to fight against ignorance, disease and poverty, and to improve environmental conditions among both rural and urban areas.


Since its inception, Ezra Ministries of Tanzania has managed the following projects, and this is accomplished through the hard work and dedication of all our local and international volunteer workers.


The training Institute is the backbone of Ezra Ministries of Tanzania. It offers a variety of classes and activities including Languages, Hotel Management, Electricity, Tailoring, Computers, and Nursery school.

We Need Your Help

Thousands of children live in extreme poverty and are unable to attend school. They are exposed to hunger and disease and often neglected or abused. This knowledge can be overwhelming. But with your ability to help a child through Ezra Ministries of Tanzania, you can help a child begin to break free from the cycle of poverty. As a sponsor, you can positively affect a child's life in the way of financial assistance or personal visits by volunteering with Ezra Mininstries of Tanzania. Click here to help.

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