General Computing Programs

This comprehensive program serves as a broad-based introduction to using a personal computer. Starting from a grassroots foundation in introduction to computers, Microsoft Windows and exploring the basics of Word, using internet, learning about web design, networking, maintenance and concluding with use of a different devises working together with a computer, this program covers all you need to know to get you started. Students who successfully complete this program will earn a certificate.

Courses include:
Introduction to Microsoft Word, Advanced Microsoft Word: Module I, Module II, Module III and Module IV, Introduction to Microsoft Excel, Advanced Microsoft Excel: Module I and II, Managing Data with Access, Advanced Access and Creating Dynamic Presentations with PowerPoint. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program.

Personal Computer Basics (introduction to computers)
Basic Computer Care for the New User
This foundation course is specific to all computer users who want to improve their understanding and ability to care for their home systems. Taking care of your equipment and establishing a preventive maintenance routine are critical to ensuring that you have a reliable system that performs at top efficiency year after year. We will explore how to keep your system clean, inside and out. This is a hands-on introduction in the basics of customizing settings; understanding the difference between hardware and software and how these things are working together; how to do computer cleanup and use PC tools for computer maintenance. Learn about viruses, malware, spy ware and how to protect your PC from all these threats. We will cover effective troubleshooting and advice on solving basic computer problems. One CD copy of hard drive utility tools will be included with course materials. This is meant to be a basic introduction and not a comprehensive source for troubleshooting computers.
NOTE: In order to save their work, all students are required to bring a new floppy disk or a flash drive to class, at least 128 MB.

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Microsoft PowerPoint
Information Technology
Web Page Design/Site Management with FrontPage
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