Domestic Electrical Training Course

Certificate for Domestic Installers
Welcome to Vocational Training Center (VTC) domestic electrical training courses, providing you with the knowledge and practical skills required to understand domestic wiring and lead you to eventual step of registration like a contractor recognize by the government and independent contractor or others companies like Tanesco etc. We are very aware that there are some of you who have already been working within the domestic electrical sector and some of you who haven’t or have only touched on the subject. To cater for all requirements, we have devised 2 courses, One for those of you with experience and one for those of you with little or none.
VTC is constantly looking to offer as much as is possible in the way of Electrical training to everyone regardless of their background, age or experience and we are constantly devising discounted Electrical training course to try and cater for everyone. This particular 8 months of Electrical training is primarily aimed at those of you who do not have a background in domestic installation but who are keen to undertake electrical work within domestic dwellings, safely and legally. Throughout the training you will receive continual guidance to ensure that you understand every aspect of each course fully.
Our electrical instructors have a vast knowledge of both domestic and commercial electrics having spent years working out on site and within the electrical industry and additionally taught in Further Education Colleges. They have now transferred that knowledge to our training environment and have also obtained the required teaching qualifications to enable them to deliver our electrical courses in a correct and informative manner. Our instructors are very approachable and understand fully the complex nature of electrical installations. We have been delivering these courses for a number of years now and we are confident that we have mastered all electrical training requirements.

Introductory to Electrics

For those of you with little or no background in electrical domestic installations, VTC offers you an 8 months electrical training course which will cover everything you need to know to move forward and complete electrical work in and around the home once you have received your certificate.
Our dedicated Electrical Training Centre has been built to cater for both practical and classroom theory. Our working bays reflect what you will come across within a domestic dwelling and fully prepare you for what you are legally allowed to undertake. The mixture of both practical and theory guarantees that you will leave our Training Centre with a full understanding of domestic wiring systems, terminology and more importantly you will be fully aware of the legal requirements when carrying out any domestic electrical installations.
Our instructors are very approachable and understand fully the complex nature of electrical installations. Whether you are looking to become a qualified electrician or domestic installer, this course will help you on your way to understanding the requirements of electrical installations. We have devised this practical Electrical course for those of you wishing to learn electrics to become an electrician within the Domestic Installation industry but who have little prior knowledge or experience of domestic electrical installation and wiring of circuits. Electrical topics that are covered include lighting circuits, radial circuits and ring final circuits.
This electrical course will provide a level of competence, which will allow work to be safely and efficiently carried out on Electrical Equipment and Systems and will be delivered with help from instructors who will encourage and help candidates step by step on your way to becoming a qualified electrical domestic installer.

Plumbing Course Activities

  • Applicable Building Regulations
  • Electrical Safety legislation, regulations standards and terminology
  • Safe isolation procedures
  • Identification of unsafe electrical situations
  • Earthing and bonding requirements
  • Electrical test procedures
  • Cable and component selection
  • Installation and replacement of electrical components
  • Checking the correct and safe operation of installed electrical components
  • Recording of electrical test results and completion of certification
  • Installing and/or rerouting cables
  • Special Locations
  • New circuit requirements
  • Lighting installations
  • Maintenance
  • Supplies
  • Designing a domestic diagram
  • Designing a plan diagram
  • Designing a wiring diagram
  • Basic Understanding of 3 Phase supplies
  • `
Electrical Training Course Level 2
Short Electrical Training Cource
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