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Ezra Ministries of Tanzania can train you to become a chef, caterer, or restaurant manager in just nine months to one year. You will receive hands-on training from accomplished professionals, and you will have the opportunity to intern at some of the finest restaurants and hotels in the Dar es salaam and others area in the country. We are very aware that there are some of you who have already been working within the hospitality industry sector and some of you who haven't or have only touched on the subject. To cater for all requirements, we have devised 2 courses, one for those of you with experience and one for those of you with little or none. VTC is constantly looking to offer as much as is possible in the way of hotel management training to everyone regardless of their background, age or experience and we are constantly devising discounted hotel management training course to try and cater for everyone. This particular 6 months in the class and 3 months for practical training in a tourist hotel of hotel management is primarily aimed at those of you who do not have a background in Hotel Management but who are keen to undertake Hospitality Industry. Throughout the training you will receive continual guidance to ensure that you understand every aspect of each course fully.

Our instructors have a vast knowledge of both hospitality industry and hotels having spent years working out on site and within the hospitality industry and additionally taught in Further Education Colleges. They have now transferred that knowledge to our training environment and have also obtained the required teaching qualifications to enable them to deliver our hotel management courses in a correct and informative manner. Our instructors are very approachable and understand fully the complex nature of hospitality industry. We have been delivering these courses for a number of years now and we are confident that we have mastered all hotel management requirements.

Certificate - Hotel Management

This course prepares you to become a successful member of the hospitality industry, working in hotels, motels, resorts, or conference centers anywhere in the country or around the world. You are trained in a wide range of skills including "front-of-the-house""procedures, "back-of-the-house" operations and executive management. You may start your hospitality career in such entry level positions as a Room or Reservation Clerk, Assistant Manager or Night Auditor to name a few.

Certificate - Food Production

This course emphasizes "learning by doing" with special attention given to the practical side of professional food preparation. You are prepared for a career in restaurants, bakeries, food service departments of corporations and health-related institutions, as well as in the rapidly expanding fields of catering and "food to go" Graduates of this program are fully prepared to fulfill many entry-level food service roles, including sous chef, garde manger, baker, pantry person, short-order cook and line cook.

Certificate - Restaurant Management

This course emphasizes all aspects of restaurant management, including knowledge of both kitchen operations and maintenance of the front of the house. The course will include food preparation and sanitation, food purchasing, food and beverage operations, menu planning, restaurant design, and other business and supervisory practices for the hospitality industry. Student will be trained for positions in food service establishments as restaurant managers, kitchen managers, food and beverage managers, front of the house managers and food pantry agents. These courses are the cornerstone to success in the hospitality industry.
 - Food and Beverage Services
 - Hotel Reception and Front Office
 - Housekeeping

Hotel Management Courses
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