Ezra Pentacost Churches (EPC)

Coordinator:  Pastor John Peter Mirindi

After having been in different countries in the world preaching and teaching the gospel, I have discovered that youth in the churches were not what the word says. God instructed me to save money and start a center to cut off what I have seen during my trips. However the Lord had touched some hearts of people so they could listen to me and catch the vision for starting the ministry. The first meeting brought almost 13 pastors together in a hotel at Buguruni Ilala District. The second one half of us left and didn't have any interest to involve them in the vision. Unfortunately no one was ready to invest in the vision or working together! We held the first service (meeting) on March 2003 in a school. I preached the gospel to the benches for one and a half hours. The following week one person attended the Church; it was a child of 7 years old! The congregation grew day after day. Two people who were instrumental in supporting the ministry were Candida Massawe, who has gone home to the Lord, and Sebastian Wandama, affectionately known as "Babu" (grandfather) who is still active and one of the director Board members.

Over the next few years, further improvements were made by increasing the number of churches in the city and in some regions of the country. Some of them run service by renting a bar, school, or gargage or simply hold service under the trees.

P.O. Box 105890
Dar es Salaam  Tanzania

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