Orphans and Vulnerable People (OVP)

Coordinator:  Pastor Sebastian Wandama

The OVP program offers various services to the following members of our community.

- School fees and materials
- Support to guardians
HIV/AIDS Patients (home based care)
- General care and food
- Medical assistance
- Counseling for both HIV positive and negative
- Free blood testing
- Reducing stigma and discrimination

The opportunity to change lives awaits you. Love and gratitude will fill your heart as you serve children who are eagerly waiting to belong to a family and HIV positive people in need of care. The cycle of abandonment and poverty can be broken, the future of generations can by changed, and the opportunity for a child to reach his or her full potential can be realized. Through hard work, you can be a part of that change.

P.O. Box 105890
Dar es Salaam  Tanzania

(255) 222 843 773
(255) 755 816 042