Work On Field (WOF)

Coordinator:  Agnes Luhende

Work on Field encourages the protection of the environment by cleaning rubbish in the city and providing free tree species for plating in gardens, plantations, areas around houses, bare hills, and plains especially in urban and rural areas. We have two tree nurseries in the city of Dar es Salaam and the Kibaha district used as a demonstration center and serving as a tree seeding source to our community. Right now, we have a tree nursery of seven thousand trees to be distributed to the community free of charge. We have trained and are still training facilitators and set up committees of volunteers in different villages to manage and maintain the tree nurseries already established. In each tree nursery we provide different species of tree seeds including ornamental, fencing, forestry, fruits, windbreakers, fuel wood, and some medicinal trees.

Work on field offers a variety of life-changing opportunities to youth, adult, and elders:
- Learning in formal and informal settings
- Health education (living with HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination, HIV/AIDS testing)

Language Program
Our experience has proved that although people spend most of their time in Primary school and Secondary school learning this language still they find it difficult to express themselves in English. The aim of "Work On Field" is to bring a solution to this problem.

  1. Spoken and Written English
    • Objectives
      - Improve and develop the basic skills in oral expression and comprehension through existing methods used by our local workers and international volunteers from the USA and around the world.
      - Improve vocabulary and grammar and gain a better insight of English.
    • Levels offered
      - All levels are offered including Beginners, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.
      - The number of students in each class is limited. Students can study individually or in groups.
  2. End Course Certificate
    • Every student receives an attendance certificate and personal progress report. The center reserves the right not to deliver a student's certificate in case of irregular attendance or serious misconduct.
  3. Course fees
    • Small contributions are needed to support the basic expenses we are facing day after day.

Course for Juniors
For young people between the age of 12 and 17 who wish to improve their English. The level required is basic English.

P.O. Box 105890
Dar es Salaam  Tanzania

(255) 222 843 773
(255) 755 816 042