Tailoring Training Department

TAILORING - "learning by doing"
The Department of Backward Classes and Minorities is maintaining two Tailoring Training Centers, one in Dar es Salaam and another in Kibaha region, to benefit orphans, poor and destitute women, single mothers and widows belonging to Backward Classes through imparting training to these women in Tailoring, so as to enable them to create an income generation or self employment. The duration of the training is eight months, during which every trainee will be paid a stipend of $USA 30 but free charge for orphans and widows. The department will supply the basic materials and other accessories required for the training. Examination will be conducted at the end of the training and each candidate who gets through the examination will be provided with a certificate. Orphan and vulnerable people are receiving a Sewing Machine from the organization free of cost. Candidates who aspire to undergo this training shall obtain the prescribed application from the Backward Classes from the local government (serikali za mtaa).


  1. Notification calling for applications is advertising through churches, Mosques and other public places or using the local mass media.
  2. In each tailoring training class, 25 lady candidates will be selected for training according to our premises, income and tools available per intake.
  1. The candidates should belong to either of the categories of Backward Classes according to our curriculum.
  2. The orphan, vulnerable children and people living with HIV the training is free of charge.
  3. The minimum educational qualification is 7th Grade.
  4. However no income limit age is fixed for the candidates belonging to these training courses.
Documents required:
  1. Letter from the grassroots of the government (mjumbe ) proofing that he or she is orphan – vulnerable people.
  2. Form or certificate from the local government in proof of orphan or vulnerable children/ people.
  3. Recommendation from the local government to us for future studies (serikali za mtaa).
Time Schedule:
Notification showing the most recent date fixed for the issue of application and receipt of duly filled in application will be published in the local news paper, churches, mosque, flyers and also displayed on the notice boards of the Ezra Ministries of Tanzania.

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