About Us

Stretch Out a Helping Hand to Lift Others Up With You

Start a center for providing skills development for the youths! These were God's instructions to a poor man without any money in his pocket, named Pastor Tshiye Nyamugusha. Responding to the call of faith, we strive to support youths in our community by providing skills training and compassionate services. The idea of solving the problem of a huge number of youths who remain without access to education was lingering in our minds for a long time until the members of Ezra Ministries, championed by Pastor Tshiye Nyamugusha, established an organization that would enable poor youths to realize their potential. Better still, to encourage self-employment within the local community.

Since its inception, the vocational training center of Ezra Ministries of Tanzania has trained hundreds of students needing to continue their education, as well as orphans and vulnerable children. In addition, we have responded to hundreds of needy people requiring home based care.

Through the hard work and dedication of all our local and international volunteer workers, we have accomplished major victories in meeting the needs for education, healthcare, environment, food, clothing and other essentials. It's true that none of this would have been possible if it had not been for the wonderful support of everyone including our government of Tanzania and United Planet, who has given so generously with both materials and skills.

Our Volunteers

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to Katherine Smith, Jeffrey Smith, and Jennifer Prohaska and to all who have contributed to this worthy work. We hope to have much more cooperation with future volunteers. Ezra Ministries of Tanzania invites you to forget yourself in the service of others for a season of your life, and in so doing, find greater satisfaction, love, and gratitude than you may have ever thought possible. If you are interested in volunteering with us, please complete our Volunteer Application form.

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Dar es Salaam  Tanzania

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